There are two top website builders in the world and these are the Wix and Weebly. Between the two, Weebly had the honor of being named by the Time Magazine as in the top five websites in 2007. On the other hand, Wix is another free online platform that can help you create flash websites using the tools of drag and drop. From this system, you will have a flashy and professional looking website within a short time and at no cost. Let us present here briefly the various characteristics of each site and see which one would come out to our preference. Check out http://ibuildapp.com/wix-website-login-sign-in/ to get started.

Our first consideration of each site is the ease of its use. Note that all users of Weebly would attest that it is very easy to use. In fact, those who are not so literate in using computers can say that they have the ease in using most of the features of this site. You will easily identify through its interface and it is very organized. You can fairly say that as far as the ease of use in website builders, the Weebly is a standout.

On the other hand, just like most of website builders, the Wix allows you to make basic pages very easily and fast. But, when you create a flashy page, it would take you a lot of effort and there is no room for a learning curve. So if you are a newcomer in website building, it will not be easy for you to branch out, run a blog and make a mobile version because you need to work on three editors.

With regards to flexibility and choice, Weebly will afford you with a host of stunning designs and can give you access to customization source code. Taking a template that you have coded from scratch can even be done and use. This feature of generating automatic website is advantageous especially with the popularity of smartphones plus it is user friendly. The Wix has also a range of stylish selections that will give you options of customizing your existing templates. Wix is also excellent to use in your social media marketing campaigns since it allows you to create welcome pages and banners on your social network. This is thus also a user friendly system to mobile users. Other features of these website builders would vary as to the range of cost of their domains, navigation ability, standard blog features and ways to track statistics of your site’s visitors. Visit http://ibuildapp.com/wix-website-login-sign-in/ for more info.


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